Monthly Book Roundup (October 2014)

This month’s books include another excellent Groovy book and a solid overview of Spring Framework 4.

Programming Groovy 2

I absolutely loved this book. Venkat is an excellent writer and the examples he gave were fantastic.

One of the best parts of this book is the emphasis on pitfalls for those coming from a more traditional Java background. There are some subtleties of language I learned here that I was previously unaware of.

This book goes pretty deep and the meta programming sections were especially good and thorough. This book is highly recommended for people looking to get a better overall understanding of the Groovy language.

Introducing Spring Framework: A Primer

This was a pretty nice (albeit basic) overview of the Spring Framework. In addition to talking about the core framework, this book also discussed a few of the offered extensions (Spring Social, Spring Data, Spring AMQP) which was actually pretty interesting.

I would have liked to have seen a little more detail (especially in the parts about Groovy and Spring Boot), but it was all well written.

This book is geared more toward Spring beginners, but it served as a nice refresher for me while aquainting me more with some of newer features of the framework.