Monthly Book Roundup (September 2014)

This month includes the two books from mrhaki’s Goodness Notebooks bundle (Groovy and Grails)

Groovy Goodness Notebook

Since this book was simply a collection of Groovy related blog posts from mrhaki, I was initially concerned about how well this book would flow. My fear turned out to be completely unfounded though since this book was extremely well organized and a joy to read.

This book is pretty hefty and full of some very useful tips along with some examples that might be a bit less practical but are nonetheless explained very clearly and absolutely push your understanding of the Groovy language.

Mrhaki is a very clever guy and it’s facinating to see his solutions to both common and uncommon problems using the Groovy language.

Grails Goodness Notebook

This book was much shorter than the Groovy book above, but I had the same “huh, I never thought of doing something like that” reaction to many of these tips.

Some of the tips relate specifically to older versions of Grails but there’s still plenty of good stuff here.

This book, like the Groovy goodness book above, is very written and extremely easy to read with very clear examples. I very highly recommend getting this as part of the Goodness bundle so you can read both of these excellent books.