Monthly Book Roundup (May 2014)

This month’s books includes a classic book on web usability as well as yet another AngularJs book.

Don't Make Me Think Revisted

There's a reason that this book is so popular; it's well written, accessible and extremely practical. A collegue recommended this one to me, and it definitely made me think differently about the UI choices I've made in various projects. The fact that this book is so easy to read makes it a perfect tool to get management buy-in for usability testing as well.

This is definitely a must read book

Pro AngularJS

I'm really glad that I stuck with this book, because it's probably the best book on AngularJS that I've read. The examples were clear and concepts were explained very well. The code, on the whole, tended to be very good and included some rather interesting and non-trivial examples.

While a few sections were a bit lacking (like routing and testing), this book was excellent overall and it provided a lot of context that I was missing before.

Concepts tend to be introduced slowly and the code written is gradually refined. This is a book you'll want to read all the way through, as the earlier examples don't take advantage of all that AngularJS has to offer.

This is a book I would recommend to new AngularJS developers or just those looking to get a deeper understanding of the framework.